I’ve been using WordPress ever since v2.1 came out, or something like that. Back then, we had to do a lot by hand, and I was constantly changing the look of my site to sharpen my WordPress sk1llz.

But this had a major impact on the site today. Now it is really simple to display article images, galleries etc. Just upload an image, set as featured image and BOOM … instant featured image 🙂

Now, after all this customizing and hacking and coding I just want to use a simple theme. No frills but a lot of power. And the current twentyfourteen theme that comes with 3.8 is what you see. What you didn’t see until now were all the article images I uploaded to my posts. This was because of two things

WordPress ignores my images

Until now I had some kind of code in my themes that auto-created article images. Twentyfourteen doesn’t. It just looks for „featured image“ and that’s it.

Fix it with this plugin: Easy Add Thumbnail

It’ll make all your posts that don’t have an article image suddenly have one. Woohoo. But then I noticed another problem:

1px wide images / blank images / please upload again

For some reason, the images were being displayed, but in the dimensions of 1px wide and 1px high. WordPress wasn’t able to read the file properly. If I called the file directly, it was viewable. So, here is fix number two: Regenerate Thumbnails

Another thing I did was open up the wp-uploads folder and chmoded the images to be openable and viewable by anyone. I found that some files had funky file permissions.

So … hope you find this info helpful.

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