ich lese gerade: paul f. wilson

angefangen hat es mit einem tipp aus dem krimi-couch forum: ich sollte doch mal die repairman jack reihe von paul f. wilson lesen.

nach dem 2. buch kann ich sagen: toll.

das erste was ich in eBook form finden konnte war the keep; es war keines der bücher mit repairman jack als hauptfigur, aber es hat mir die haare am nacken aufgestellt. sensationell gut geschrieben, so dass man sich fürchten konnte.
dann habe ich endlich the tomb finden können, dem ersten mit RJ.

Here we first meet Repairman Jack, who most assuredly does not tinker with appliances. He fixes „situations“ for people, often putting himself in deadly danger-for a fee. He’s approached by two people today. The first is an Indian diplomat with the UN who wants him to retrieve a family heirloom, a necklace stolen from his mother during a vicious mugging. The second is his estranged lover, Gia, who dropped him when she learned how he made his living; now she wants to hire him to find her elderly aunt who vanished without a trace from her bedroom the night before.

During the course of „fixing“ these two problems, Jack will meet the beautiful and erotic Kolabati, and encounter the horrifying rakoshi. (He’ll also relive his first fix-it job as a teenager.) Gradually Jack will come to realize that the two jobs are linked, and that an ancient vengeance has reached from the days of the Raj to ensnare Gia’s daughter Vicky.

gut zu lesen, gruselt, macht spaß, und ist mein lesetipp für heute 🙂

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